Last Minute Holiday Cheer!

It’s in!!!! A limited pressing of “Bee Sides“, autographed & wrapped in a bow with one of my favourite picks + a wee little handmade booklet (stitched up by yours truly). Happy Holidays!! I’m going ALL out.And it’s EXCLUSIVELY here:

Actually,I have a (not-that-secret) love for the art of bookmaking: the letterpress, printing, ink, etc.  In all honesty, I don’t have a kindle & would much rather read copy from paper.  I’m planning on carving up my own little Bee stamp, glued to the top of a wine cork for the cover of my 4 x 5 lyrics book – complete with chords, pictures & some of the stream of thought writings which turned into the songs.  I will even be taking these to the post office myself!  This could make it a crazy, but crafty, holiday season 🙂

I’ve been writing with a few artists, including the Lovely and Amazing Lea Cappelli.  I’m so excited!  She’s going into the studio soon – more on her this coming year.  Also, I’m working on a fantastic children’s sing-a-long book with a visual artist from London, working on a new music video with an inspiring director & christening in Winter by making my decedent hot Glow Wine (Glühwein, Gløgg), which I’ve decided to make this year with orange blossom water + a little honey, an extra cinnamon stick & Peet’s Coffee mulling spices.  Num!

In the midst of all my projects, I still try to squeeze time in to pick up the current Kate Atkinson book Emotionally Weird, which, for all those literary snobs out there, is hilarious.

Random? I’ve also decided “Prefab” stands for Pretty Fabulous & want one.  Thanks, Dwell.

Go for the pressed copy!  Share with your friends: BEE SIDES!  It’s super special!  xo Rie



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