Goodbye, Stereo.

LOADS of fun.  Overdrive Special is a crazy little song doctored up with a Yuke & toy instruments – politely, a song about music-gear lust; the wires & tubes that make rockstars dreams come true.  I recorded it live in my randomly played Bedroom Sessions a year & 1/2 ago with a Very. Long. Introduction. (hint music starts around 1:15)  Sum?  Music is not just recorded.  The version in my blue room with my laptop just can’t compete with a real studio.  I see either kittens or love sick shower-less engineers skipping down isles of amplifiers in complete bliss for this music video.  They’re both kinda cute.

+++ Radio +++

Tune in!  8am 1/25 = last minute interview on WITW in Valaparaiso, IN.  Yes, I grew up in St. Paul – but, for those of you who don’t know, I was actually born in Valpo.  Every year there’s a Popcorn Parade (oh, yeah – my mother grew up next door to Orville Redenbacher – crazy, right??!).  I’m super excited!!   I used to spend summers here with my grandparents: Awwwww.

Flying back to LA.  NAMM show (speaking of O.D. specials) this weekend.  I.  Can’t. Wait.  XO


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