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Did video really kill the radio star?  Because cutting tracks for picture is fun!  The Young & Restless fans got a sweet dosage this afternoon – February 19 (oh, I do LOVE drama… and writing saucy electro-something ballads for TV).  All nostalgia, add loads of imagination & tone.  And some fantastic guitars by Sean Woolstenhulme.

“Pictures came & broke your heart”.  And made you fall in love, and made you want to sing, and rocked your world.  Sometimes I am curious what exactly I was thinking about (lyrics) when RC Cates (The music super on Y&R) ordered up this track.  We threw it down pretty fast: I could have made muffins or something in the time it took.  Almost.  But I phoned my friend, Erin Althea this morning in desperate need of artwork!!!  She’s incredible.  Check her out!

Looking for it at eMusic, Amazon, or somewhere else?  Join a fun *notify me* list, by emailing:  I’ll let you know when it’s available (no spam, just goodness).



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