I was always afraid… this was a Bad Dream

Making music is like being on a road trip.


What’s more, I’m not sure if these philosophical monologues of mine are better left unspoken.  The not-so-typical bit about saying this consists of a few (inconsistent) things.  1. Though I’ve made solid attempts to shake off & undo all the Method training I’ve had, it still seeps out.  2. I’ve always been a shy, and it seems I’m expected to be otherwise.  In other words, typically, most performers love to be the centre of attention while I’ve made great attempts many times in my life to be a wallflower, mostly failed (probably due to elephants of expectations).  But while I love the 4th Wall, this almost contradictory state has an upside: one to very few people (add guitar, accordion, xylophone or instrument of choice) & the magic is golden.  Songwriting sessions have to be one of the best things ever.  Thus, I’m going to brag about the result from one magical afternoon: BAD DREAM (hello, song title).

Don Chaffer & I wrote track 9 (Bad Dream) on this new album, Moment, at Simpleville Publishing on a very out-of-tune piano in the office of one of the happiest people I know, Kirk Dahlgren.  And it’s one of the most solemn songs I believe I may have ever had the pleasure of collaborating on.

If you haven’t heard of Waterdeep, and you’re on the market for a new cozy afternoon duo, one to score the best road trip ever, this new release is an: absolutely-must.  The songs are amazing; vocals – amazing.  I’m a fan (not just a writer!).  Available for download direct from their site! x



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