The most requested song ever (of mine)

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Was one that my friend Jayson Belt sang: Just You & Me.  And also one I wrote on a couch in a friends house in about a half an hour (OK, the research took longer, as did the perpetual 3 pages a day writing schedule).  I spent several months walking an adorable 8 year old to school & walking into city centre in Manchester, England to get coffee & write: poetry, nonsense, lyrics, thoughts; whatever came to mind because that is partly a songwriters “spring training” (though, it’s a year round affair).  At the time, I had a goal of writing at least 3 songs a week, play them live into Garageband & email to Bob Hartry for production, critique or disintegration.

Looking for the lyrics & chords?  Follow this link:  Just You And Me


Sometimes writing & producing music can be a very lonely life.  But still a labour of love.  While under contract with ABC/Disney I’d write out of sheer fantasy – because I could & sometimes the demand was a storyline I hadn’t gone through, but could relate to.  I find I can conjure up best ideas while walking & when back in Manchester, there’s either a very inviting moor, or the city.  Which, if you’ve found yourself in the middle of, I highly recommend a stroll over to Soup Kitchen in the Northern Quarter.  Tell Chris that Rie sent you!


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