Safe And Sound

AMOREFalling In Love

Ah.  Love.  Like a wildfire.  I ask as I watch a very suspicious spider crawl up & down my wall…  Love is like cake.  Many different batters, icings, tiers, or bits filling cups.  How strange.  And I don’t quite mind the spider, I just hope she doesn’t crawl into bed with me.  She’s very sizeable and hopefully on her own mission.

I believe there may have been a documentary in the making when I was in the studio recording Safe & Sound, which Dan Beyer produced and where I first met Alisha Bauer, an incredible cellist who has played with me on several occasions.  But I can’t find the tapes…

Very excited to see it underscore Act 6 on CBS’s Young & The Restless today, thanks to Music Supervisor RC Cates!   Lyrics up at BandCamp, a site which also features another lovely release as first heard on Y&R: This Rendezvous.  Or find it here on CDBaby.

Keep watching for a a few new singles & random EPs this summer!!  I’ve been working with animators & mixers on some fun projects (otherwise known as “my art”).  And… also on another very cool little project recently which, I’ve been keeping secret.  *Spoiler alert: announcements very soon!*  Music takes quite the while to surface.  If you ever wondered why, think of it similar to love.  You’re inspired – but not by every song that dashes across your glance.  You’re intrigued, but not always on the first bite.  You’re amused, or entertained… for a minute.  But the ones that stick, the thought-provoking, powerful ones – those happen at a great expense, and not just the soul.  The sweat of digging up the earth for minerals to create wires, to transmit waves.  The push-through carving wood, or iron or winding up or grinding down.  Who blows the glass to house the fuses or fires up the soldering to unleash that sound?

Amore: Someone is seeking to connect to your soul.

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