“Just Like That” – Emmy Nominated

I woke up rather late May 1st to a million congratulations, which was fun & completely unexpected!  As I’ve been recording until (wee hours of the morning) several different projects, I had forgotten award shows existed.  Amongst other things… like marshmallows.

Writing music is exhilarating enough, add an Emmy.  I feel incredibly grateful as a vagabond-turned-working songwriter from the midwest; I never quite imagined moments like these in my wildest dreams.  Maybe the odd fantasy of making art no one would ever see in a little 3rd story flat around the corner from the Louvre.

But in real time, perhaps I’ll meet Sheryl Crow (as she wrote a theme song for ABC which is also up for an award)?  And release another single, just because… I can.  (Isn’t that what the original Indie Artist does?  Not the kind with the big “Indie” label, but the kind who’s creating music on order, in order to create music.  Sells a few paintings so I can buy more paint.  Gives away half the ownership so I can post it in a gallery.  And along the way happens to get a nomination… or two.)

“Just Like That” was a fun song to produce.  One hard drive in tow – percussion & guitars were recorded in various bedrooms; the session sent back to NYC for Risa to throw vocals on… “Adventures in music-making” include many late nights editing… a more contained way of  going on a journey, exploring a landscape.   Listen to the original sent to ABC on my SoundCloud Page, which was performed by cowriter, Risa Binder (though we hope Kristen’s will end up on iTunes).


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