New Single: DOLLS


I Miss You Records  ||  Available 7/16/13

I collaborated with Justin Knox on Dolls (almost haphazardly) when he pulled up a riff he was working on while throwing ideas around.  We constructed this song a few times in different ways; had it mixed, remixed, re-cut… and in the final mix, dissected it just a little more.    I am always grateful when a friend goes in for the adventure, but this could be a common human quality (notice I use “human” as though I’m a Time Lord…Ha!).  We’ve written a few songs together (and licensed to Nurse Jackie + a few MTV shows).  It’s nice to switch it all up when he pulls out the ukelele.  Which he didn’t on this song…

The lyrics were even more of a puzzle (sans neatly packaged box with all the pieces).  I found myself  questioning the intent of the song beyond a moment in time that it represented: just after high school, between childhood & 20-something, when reading the Tao of Pooh and sharpening crayons, throwing spaghetti to make sure it does stick to the ceiling and labouring over which chucks to wear.  Hanging with friends who’s sisters are in their 30’s, have rockstar jobs and can spew out several theses on Radiohead’s lyrics.  You find their taped-up yellowing lists of why they should quit smoking in closets, or on the table waiting for the next brownie batch.  And this was all I had in the front of my mind: Breakfast At Tiffanys & craft dolls pulled apart in an array of creative nonsense – pins, canvas, shrines, things strewn about in a continual storm of art.  My initial thought was that it meant nothing; I had escaped the demands ambiguity requires.  Genius.


So why the #selfies as the first image that I connect the song to?  Why the line “I’m burning cigarette stains into my vanity case…”  what is it about our reflection we’re trying to capture, if humans are capable of  deceiving even themselves?  I believe it may be the adventure of awakening or going deeper.  The quest to find the truth at all costs… (to be continued).

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