Stargazer Swag

SwagJust in time for the Holidays!!

If you LOVED the Music Video, you’ll love this [last minute] collection I’m shipping for holiday fun! Each collection is unique with a hand-pressed eco-friendly tote, a poster & a hand stamped CD.

*Mystery “book” tote with several characters sold separately.

Oh Stargazer launched this fall during the NELA Artcrawl at Pop Hop Books & Print, where we hand pressed a small batch of durable canvas totes.  I love totes!!  Especially ones that last & are fun to show off.  I might just press my little characters onto all of my totes…

If you’ve tracked with some of my obsessions for any amount of time, you might connect lyrics to concepts.  How fascinating we endeavour to imagine a persona in a collection of stars – guiding us to saviours or enlightenment.  Artwork & Animation designed by Jessica Poon.

Which one is your favourite?  Buy Stargazer Swag on: BigCartel or BandCamp.

Dark Violet Gruffalo Sea Green AriesPacific Blue MermaidBright Fuchsia AquariusMint Blue Pegasusphoto copy

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