Obsessions With Constellations

“Are we lost, all alone, only human & under the stars?”

It’s not all heartbreak and exhibition, though these elements are inescapable.  As a lyricist I infuse threads with obsessions, fantasies I don’t/but want to reveal. Examining my own patterns (patterns don’t get you into trouble, they communicate where you are) beyond bittersweet love songs as I started pulling tracks I’d written to re-learn them (yes – I completely forget how to play my own songs!!)… I’m discovering themes.

Train stations.  I love train stations.  Birds accidentally fly in, people pop out for a quick smoke, A city’s life is breathed.  In Manchester, I sometimes write at Pret-A-Manger in Piccadilly: “curious…I became a passenger for life” – Passenger (King to Camden), Victoria, The Way It Ends (Glasgow).

Travelling. I believe my obsession with constellations is more about present navigation than getting lost in a fantasy of the future.   Oh! Stargazer: ships from an ancient world bringing little girls china dolls and the imperial world spices. Subject to the plunder of mermaids – a Captain battling sirens by setting course on co-ordinates.  And High Time captures a desire to connect the dots, the fragmented pieces of love (home) -lost/found can also be shifted into this anatomy of my internal Night Sky.  There are apparently 88 Modern constellations.  42 may be the meaning of life, but 88 is my favourite number. *wink*

I write about charting co-ordinates to a lost loves’ heart in All I Can Say. ” and how “…you know I’d cross the stars for your love…” in Where You Are.  These are the songs I can immediately think of… perhaps there’s more.

Under The Stars was never released.  Oliver The Penguin was a one-off side project… a personal exploration to poetically fuse laws of physics with their application inside human relationships.  But you can download it off my SoundCloud.  x

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