Turn it up, Captain.

16/08/2014 Comments Off on Turn it up, Captain.

I collect my own sentences. In search of meaning. The first ones to come to mind… one-minute. Go:

… the force of attraction.

… push and shove until you love me.

… the empty distance between us.

… do you hope to be found only to get lost & bound up? As lovers do…

… i try to quit but I’m aching all tangled in you.

… do you see the rise and fall?

… while stone and sand keep shifting.

… oh the alchemy of love, and chemical waste!

What connections do I make on a deeper level? Nothing is unseen. This one minute experiment – the above, pulling lines from songs like fortunes from an imaginary hat. I want to be effortless, but there is a force in my passion… an intensity that will not stop.

What will become of us? Just like this planet: Violent and Fragile. We are these things. Add fire.

This aired (does it still?) for a long time to promo the CW’s Vampire Diaries.


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