“Rie’s got a thing that’s a little hard to describe.  Her music has a haunting poetry that makes you think, and not necessarily about the story she’s singing. While listening to this Sia-like voice you’ll catch yourself being reminded of moments in life, memories bubbling to the surface for no apparent reason other than Rie’s underlying soundtrack. Quirky production and an extremely vulnerable vocal delivery will break down any walls you may be bringing to the table allowing you to swim in whatever floods rush behind your closed eyelids”.  Learn more about Rie Sinclair.


Photo by Ed Swinden

“[Oliver The Penguin’s] songs are playful but have a mysterious, if not a dark, side. Delivering “nimble electro- pop”, the album sketches a little guy that appeals to the core innocence in us all; reminiscent of The Postal Service, Frou Frou and The Bird And The Bee.”

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