Oliver The Penguin

Oliver The Penguin is not so much a band, or an album. It’s a persona — a character that sprung from the minds of Top Line songwiter/composer Rie Sinclair and musician-about-town Tommy Walter (Abandoned Pools/Eels). Button Pusher launched in March 2009 as an unexpected collaboration between the two during an afternoon writing session. The songs are playful but have a mysterious, if not a dark, side. Delivering “nimble electro- pop”, the album sketches a little guy that appeals to the core innocence in us all; reminiscent of The Postal Service, Frou Frou and The Bird And The Bee. Smashing more than sound waves together, Rie’s lyrics encapsulate laws of physics as they might play out in relationships. This happy and dreamy (though melancholic) CD proves something to definitely keep on rotation in your playlist.  Though the two disbanded in 2010, the music has proven to have a life of it’s own.

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