Rie Sinclair

RieSinclair_Dolls_FINAL“Most musicians on the ascendancy would be shouting loudly about an Emmy nomination for one of their songs, but LA’s Rie Sinclair almost shrugs hers off as a mark of recognition for work separate from her chosen field of singing/songwriting. Confused? You won’t be. You see, by day she’s in demand as a writer and performer of beautiful songs for Hollywood studios, providing atmosphere and emotion to back up the visuals. But by night she dons another cape, crafting her own elation and despair into perfected four-minute vignettes; she records and delivers them live with equal finesse and commitment. Her music is just that & more: bittersweet concoctions exploring the contours and colours characteristic to her dreamy, dark pop & sometimes quirky sound. It’s this emotion, exquisite feel and occasional playful leap into humour that have made her a favourite songwriter in Hollywood TV drama.” – Train & Penny PR, UK

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