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2006  |  Glow

2007  |  Falling In Love

2008  |  On The 5th Floor

2009  |  A Moment You Never Dreamed

2010  |  Rie Sinclair’s iPhone App

2010  |  No Way Out

2011  |  A Moment RieMixed

2011  |  How The Story Ends

2012 |  Bee Sides

2013 |  This Rendezvous

2013 |  Dolls

2013 | Bedtime Stories || Oh! Stargazer

2014 | Ready For A Lifetime (duet with Keaton Simons)

2014 | Bedtime Stories || Passenger – coming soon!

*A selection of tracks can also be found on Rie’s BandCamp Page



:::: Artist Descriptions ::::

  • Bittersweet
  • Reflective
  • Melancholy
  • Dark / Textural
  • Whimsical
  • Eerie


“Rie’s got a ‘thing’ that’s a little hard to describe.  Her music has a haunting poetry that makes you think, and not necessarily about the story she’s singing. While listening to this Sia-like voice you’ll catch yourself being reminded of moments in life, memories bubbling to the surface for no apparent reason other than Rie’s underlying soundtrack. Quirky production and an extremely vulnerable vocal delivery will break down any walls you may be bringing to the table allowing you to swim in whatever floods rush behind your closed eyelids”

“She balances the truth of love, both good and bad. With a perfect combination of the maturity of one who has had their heart broken, and the wide-eyed innocence that we all had before we found out that love can be painful, Rie Sinclair will lead you into your own dreams of love as well as remind you of the heartbreak that you outgrew. She is absolutely seamless.” – Helium


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