A Moment You Never Dreamed

“Melodic cynicism in gee minor, ethereal earthiness, and guitar/synth moments aplenty” sum The Sparkling Violeteer’s sophomore album, A Moment You Never Dreamed.

VIDEO: Neptune’s Bed Music Video was created by Rie using the iPhone iMotion HD, scissors, glue, a shoebox and a quick trip to the Pacific Ocean.  Listen to Neptune’s Bed Ocean Of Sadness Remix by Bob DeMaa on Rie’s SoundCloud.

More videos on YouTube include her live performance of High Time at the BITTER END, and in-studio live performances for KGRL.  A Moment You Never Dreamed’s official Music Videos: found HERE.

Learn more at The Sparkling Violeteer [dot] com.


Rie’s hand-crafted sets were pieced together [with love] in shoeboxes. Photography by Sarah St. Clair Renard. Layout/Design by Lance Troxel. Additional set design on A Moment’s music video stage by Nikita Bleeker.



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