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Rie’s Bees ~ A Collection of Bittersweet Love Songs, by Charlie Hankers

Four of Rie Sinclair’s Bittersweet love songs exploring the contours and colours of her characteristic sound; it’s this emotion, exquisite feel and occasional playful leap into humour that have made her a favourite songwriter in Hollywood TV drama.

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FIND MY WAY BACK (To Your Heart)

Co-written & produced by Carsten Lindberg.

“It’s not lost love that hurts, it’s the dawning realization of the pain that will be endured before it’s won back. The campaign is portrayed in Find My Way Back (To Your Heart), a determined march from scratched-vinyl reverie into snares, smoke, and confusion, but emerging in open-armed hope of reconciliation.”



Co-written & produced by J.J. Farris.

“Expanding resolutely from a lonely vocal to a multilayered aural portrait, Awaken Love is Rie unleashing her emotions and pouring out her heart through complex, mechanical instrumentation. Yet somehow, she manages to make a vast, haunting sound feel intimate, hypnotic, awake. Awaken Love stays with you.”



As heard on Vampire Diaries!  Co-written/co-produced with Mike Suby.

“The smooth melody and accompaniment take us for a walk through No Way Out, a song whose yearning strains have already graced The CW’s hit series The Vampire Diaries. A measured piano opening gradually grows to a crescendo that teases in and out of dominance as we’re beckoned in to love’s uneasy embrace.”


Produced by Zac Rae on 8 Track, first heard on MTV.

“How the Story Ends tells the tale of a faltering friendship, left to turn to embers for want of inspiration … perhaps intentionally. Rie’s plaintive vocals over the stepwise backing lend Story a Bacharach feel; listen and be transported to the flickering glows of past loves.”

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