Star-Sucker (or a new single)

The quest for truth can be daunting.  The heart becomes as fragile as newsprint; add a little glue, make a piñata, decorated however we wish, it's still thin… as a navigation system chimes out: tread carefully, ink trumps the sword. There's always a moment. We could be 4 or 14 or 84, but there's always... Continue Reading →

New Single: DOLLS

DOLLS I Miss You Records  ||  Available 7/16/13 I collaborated with Justin Knox on Dolls (almost haphazardly) when he pulled up a riff he was working on while throwing ideas around.  We constructed this song a few times in different ways; had it mixed, remixed, re-cut… and in the final mix, dissected it just a... Continue Reading →

“Just Like That” – Emmy Nominated

I woke up rather late May 1st to a million congratulations, which was fun & completely unexpected!  As I've been recording until (wee hours of the morning) several different projects, I had forgotten award shows existed.  Amongst other things... like marshmallows. Writing music is exhilarating enough, add an Emmy.  I feel incredibly grateful as a vagabond-turned-working... Continue Reading →

Safe And Sound

AMORE Ah.  Love.  Like a wildfire.  I ask as I watch a very suspicious spider crawl up & down my wall…  Love is like cake.  Many different batters, icings, tiers, or bits filling cups.  How strange.  And I don't quite mind the spider, I just hope she doesn't crawl into bed with me.  She's very... Continue Reading →

I was always afraid… this was a Bad Dream

Making music is like being on a road trip. What's more, I'm not sure if these philosophical monologues of mine are better left unspoken.  The not-so-typical bit about saying this consists of a few (inconsistent) things.  1. Though I've made solid attempts to shake off & undo all the Method training I've had, it still... Continue Reading →

15 Things To NEVER Give Up.

 In a burst of enthusiasm, I allowed my hyper-critical self to indulge.  Excessively!! After all "careful evaluation does a songwriter make". And what else is there to do during the Oscar boring-bits than flip through Facebook? "15 Things To Give Up" is  trending & I see these points posted separately on various occasion - no... Continue Reading →

Twist My Heart Into A Puzzle

Freshly released! This Rendezvous Bandcamp  ||  iTunes Did video really kill the radio star?  Because cutting tracks for picture is fun!  The Young & Restless fans got a sweet dosage this afternoon - February 19 (oh, I do LOVE drama… and writing saucy electro-something ballads for TV).  All nostalgia, add loads of imagination & tone.... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Stereo.

LOADS of fun.  Overdrive Special is a crazy little song doctored up with a Yuke & toy instruments - politely, a song about music-gear lust; the wires & tubes that make rockstars dreams come true.  I recorded it live in my randomly played Bedroom Sessions a year & 1/2 ago with a Very. Long. Introduction.... Continue Reading →

Gluten-free Pumpkin Muffins

Modifications. Becoming gluten-free was not a lifestyle choice for me; I would've loved to live off of baguettes, marmalade & coffee for the rest of my life.  And just around Thanksgiving [Black Friday - for those unfamiliar with US Holidays], I add: pumpkin.  Pumpkin pancakes, pie, muffins, cookies, etc.  This lasts just until after Christmas… though... Continue Reading →

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