Stargazer Swag

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SwagJust in time for the Holidays!!

If you LOVED the Music Video, you’ll love this [last minute] collection I’m shipping for holiday fun! Each collection is unique with a hand-pressed eco-friendly tote, a poster & a hand stamped CD.

*Mystery “book” tote with several characters sold separately.

Oh Stargazer launched this fall during the NELA Artcrawl at Pop Hop Books & Print, where we hand pressed a small batch of durable canvas totes.  I love totes!!  Especially ones that last & are fun to show off.  I might just press my little characters onto all of my totes…

If you’ve tracked with some of my obsessions for any amount of time, you might connect lyrics to concepts.  How fascinating we endeavour to imagine a persona in a collection of stars – guiding us to saviours or enlightenment.  Artwork & Animation designed by Jessica Poon.

Which one is your favourite?  Buy Stargazer Swag on: BigCartel or BandCamp.

Dark Violet Gruffalo Sea Green AriesPacific Blue MermaidBright Fuchsia AquariusMint Blue Pegasusphoto copy


Artwalk + Music Launch 11/9

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Bedtime Stories || Oh Stargazer

Join the pre-launch party at The Pop-Hop gallery November 9th during the NELA Art walk!  CDs, lovely hand printed eco friendly totes, posters & catch one of 2 live performances during the evening:

7:30 PM  •  9:00 PM

Oh Stargazer is the first in a series of Electronica/Downtempo EP’s I’m releasing over this next year under the BEDTIME STORIES title.  The song, “Crawling Back” (co-written with Steve Hopkins) was first heard on Young & The Restless (during a very saucy scene).  I’ve been working for a very long time on this collection and am ENTIRELY excited about launching it as a series of EP’s over the next year featuring several different mixers & illustrators.

Can’t make it to The Pop-Hop on York Blvd in North East LA next weekend?  Pre-order on iTunes!  Or shuffle over to Bandcamp.   Listen on our SoundCloud page & download remixes as they’re mixed.  Or copy a link & share your favourite new melody on Twitter or FB! Our music video (animation & illustration created by Jessica Poon) will air this week with a full invite to follow!

BEDTIME STORIES || Oh Stargazer available 11/12/13

 SoundCloud ||  iTunes  ||   Bandcamp

And Now I Cannot Remember

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DOLLS: Available Now!  Amazon  •  iTunes  •  Bandcamp  •  eMusic

“Creepy.  Gum on the phone… and nobody home.  But, hey, up for an adventure?”RieSinclair_Dolls

When I was somewhere between living like a undiscovered rockstar & attending classes early mornings at university, I spent many nights in MPLS crossing a bridge from Loring Park to the Walker Sculpture Garden.  Written across the bridge was a John Ashbery poem that started, AND NOW I CANNOT REMEMBER…

The Loring Bar would close & we’d just venture off till 4 am.  I had a few girlfriends who were 30 and they were so liberated.   I used to dream of being 30.  And the truth is, yes.  30, is pure magic.  I am more inspired, more imaginative, much more liberated.  I finally rocked basic living skills, and figured out how to make enough to not just live on, but also wear what ever I want.  We would thrift shop when I was young, and at 30, I decided to never go thrift shopping again.

I think I’ve lived several lives so far.  Failed at several jobs, which for the sake of loyalty, I wouldn’t have had the tenacity to excuse myself from when I was younger.  Had “quantum epiphanies”, as one poet at our writer’s night would state, while looking forward to the next collection of lives ahead.

Dolls reminds me of this moment in time.  When I fronted a punk band, couldn’t afford organic & the only shoes I owned were a pair of DMs.  When I lived & created at random, but in this dream state – all inner monologue; little ability to connect.  Yet, I was still so far away from who I am.  Now discovery is experienced on another level, and letting go creates room to become more inspired.  Much less is on the line, even though I have so much more to lose.

I know that in 10 years I will look back & say, no, 40 is magic.  And at 50 I will think, how ridiculous!  50 is magic.  Regardless, I am up for the adventure.  Thankfully I have written books and journals and stories & plots about how it was, because now, I’m afraid, I cannot remember.

Dolls Released July 2013  • BUY LINKS:

Amazon  •  iTunes  •  Bandcamp  •  eMusic

P.S. Fans!!!  If you LOVE it, please share & post your reviews on music sites!!!  xo


Star-Sucker (or my new single)

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The quest for truth can be a very gallant one.  The heart becomes as fragile as newsprint; add a little glue, make a piñata, decorated however we wish, it’s still thin… and the GPS chimes out: tread carefully, ink trumps the sword.

There’s always a moment. We could be 4 or 14 or 84, but there’s always a moment where we’re no longer content with what’s in the mirror & ready to burn it down to get to the bottom of it all.

I wonder if the human soul is more than just a black hole.  I wonder if it’s more of an ever evolving mass from star to star-sucker to star again.   I wonder if we do cease at some point, if reincarnation (however one flips the idea – several times or just once) is a morbid trick for absolute power to continue or a morbid trick of nature or just entirely wrong.  These are all simply thoughts, maybe real, maybe untrue.  And the residing detail is that unanswered question if any of it really exists.  Of course, this could all just be me: a little too much existentialism.


There’s also this idea that it’s better to to not know.  But one’s held accountable for what they do know along with what they don’t.  So, that doesn’t work.

I’ve been curious since forever.  In fact, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t consumed with getting to the bottom of things.  Perhaps why I enjoy classic rhetoric.  On the opposite, the author, Harry Frankfurt explained, “It is just this lack of connection to a concern with truth – this indifference to how things really are – that I regard as the essence of bullish*t”.  Of course, one must reason that if you are truly concerned, the heart is involved, and that kind of passion also requires sacrifice rather than hostility; empathy rather than arrogance.  The involved must be willing to put their own heart on the line rather than find pleasure in another’s pain:

“…swinging at my heart like Papier-mâché… Oh, oh – I kinda like it this way” –DOLLS.  Release date: 7/16/13

New Single: DOLLS

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I Miss You Records  ||  Available 7/16/13

I collaborated with Justin Knox on Dolls (almost haphazardly) when he pulled up a riff he was working on while throwing ideas around.  We constructed this song a few times in different ways; had it mixed, remixed, re-cut… and in the final mix, dissected it just a little more.    I am always grateful when a friend goes in for the adventure, but this could be a common human quality (notice I use “human” as though I’m a Time Lord…Ha!).  We’ve written a few songs together (and licensed to Nurse Jackie + a few MTV shows).  It’s nice to switch it all up when he pulls out the ukelele.  Which he didn’t on this song…

The lyrics were even more of a puzzle (sans neatly packaged box with all the pieces).  I found myself  questioning the intent of the song beyond a moment in time that it represented: just after high school, between childhood & 20-something, when reading the Tao of Pooh and sharpening crayons, throwing spaghetti to make sure it does stick to the ceiling and labouring over which chucks to wear.  Hanging with friends who’s sisters are in their 30’s, have rockstar jobs and can spew out several theses on Radiohead’s lyrics.  You find their taped-up yellowing lists of why they should quit smoking in closets, or on the table waiting for the next brownie batch.  And this was all I had in the front of my mind: Breakfast At Tiffanys & craft dolls pulled apart in an array of creative nonsense – pins, canvas, shrines, things strewn about in a continual storm of art.  My initial thought was that it meant nothing; I had escaped the demands ambiguity requires.  Genius.


So why the #selfies as the first image that I connect the song to?  Why the line “I’m burning cigarette stains into my vanity case…”  what is it about our reflection we’re trying to capture, if humans are capable of  deceiving even themselves?  I believe it may be the adventure of awakening or going deeper.  The quest to find the truth at all costs… (to be continued).

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“Just Like That” – Emmy Nominated

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I woke up rather late May 1st to a million congratulations, which was fun & completely unexpected!  As I’ve been recording until (wee hours of the morning) several different projects, I had forgotten award shows existed.  Amongst other things… like marshmallows.

Writing music is exhilarating enough, add an Emmy.  I feel incredibly grateful as a vagabond-turned-working songwriter from the midwest; I never quite imagined moments like these in my wildest dreams.  Maybe the odd fantasy of making art no one would ever see in a little 3rd story flat around the corner from the Louvre.

But in real time, perhaps I’ll meet Sheryl Crow (as she wrote a theme song for ABC which is also up for an award)?  And release another single, just because… I can.  (Isn’t that what the original Indie Artist does?  Not the kind with the big “Indie” label, but the kind who’s creating music on order, in order to create music.  Sells a few paintings so I can buy more paint.  Gives away half the ownership so I can post it in a gallery.  And along the way happens to get a nomination… or two.)

“Just Like That” was a fun song to produce.  One hard drive in tow – percussion & guitars were recorded in various bedrooms; the session sent back to NYC for Risa to throw vocals on… “Adventures in music-making” include many late nights editing… a more contained way of  going on a journey, exploring a landscape.   Listen to the original sent to ABC on my SoundCloud Page, which was performed by cowriter, Risa Binder (though we hope Kristen’s will end up on iTunes).

Safe And Sound

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AMOREFalling In Love

Ah.  Love.  Like a wildfire.  I ask as I watch a very suspicious spider crawl up & down my wall…  Love is like cake.  Many different batters, icings, tiers, or bits filling cups.  How strange.  And I don’t quite mind the spider, I just hope she doesn’t crawl into bed with me.  She’s very sizeable and hopefully on her own mission.

I believe there may have been a documentary in the making when I was in the studio recording Safe & Sound, which Dan Beyer produced and where I first met Alisha Bauer, an incredible cellist who has played with me on several occasions.  But I can’t find the tapes…

Very excited to see it underscore Act 6 on CBS’s Young & The Restless today, thanks to Music Supervisor RC Cates!   Lyrics up at BandCamp, a site which also features another lovely release as first heard on Y&R: This Rendezvous.  Or find it here on CDBaby.

Keep watching for a a few new singles & random EPs this summer!!  I’ve been working with animators & mixers on some fun projects (otherwise known as “my art”).  And… also on another very cool little project recently which, I’ve been keeping secret.  *Spoiler alert: announcements very soon!*  Music takes quite the while to surface.  If you ever wondered why, think of it similar to love.  You’re inspired – but not by every song that dashes across your glance.  You’re intrigued, but not always on the first bite.  You’re amused, or entertained… for a minute.  But the ones that stick, the thought-provoking, powerful ones – those happen at a great expense, and not just the soul.  The sweat of digging up the earth for minerals to create wires, to transmit waves.  The push-through carving wood, or iron or winding up or grinding down.  Who blows the glass to house the fuses or fires up the soldering to unleash that sound?

Amore: Someone is seeking to connect to your soul.

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