Goodbye, Stereo.

LOADS of fun.  Overdrive Special is a crazy little song doctored up with a Yuke & toy instruments - politely, a song about music-gear lust; the wires & tubes that make rockstars dreams come true.  I recorded it live in my randomly played Bedroom Sessions a year & 1/2 ago with a Very. Long. Introduction.... Continue Reading →


Gluten-free Pumpkin Muffins

Modifications. Becoming gluten-free was not a lifestyle choice for me; I would've loved to live off of baguettes, marmalade & coffee for the rest of my life.  And just around Thanksgiving [Black Friday - for those unfamiliar with US Holidays], I add: pumpkin.  Pumpkin pancakes, pie, muffins, cookies, etc.  This lasts just until after Christmas… though... Continue Reading →

Last Minute Holiday Cheer!

It's in!!!! A limited pressing of "Bee Sides", autographed & wrapped in a bow with one of my favourite picks + a wee little handmade booklet (stitched up by yours truly). Happy Holidays!! I'm going ALL out.And it's EXCLUSIVELY here: Actually,I have a (not-that-secret) love for the art of bookmaking: the letterpress, printing, ink, etc.  In all honesty,... Continue Reading →

Music Connection, Sept. 2012

SONG BIZ - Songwriter Profile | Rie Sinclair - By Dan Kimpel Emmy-nominated songwriter Rie Sinclair has amassed a prodigious catalog of credits for TV shows including Vampire Diaries, Nurse Jackie, The Hills, Californication, Charmed, Law & Order, plus productions for ABC/Disney & MTV, a network that utilized her main title theme for Blonde Charity Mafia.... Continue Reading →

Rie’s Bee Sides

Rie’s Bees ~ A Collection of Bittersweet Love Songs, by Charlie Hankers Four of Rie Sinclair’s Bittersweet love songs exploring the contours and colours of her characteristic sound; it’s this emotion, exquisite feel and occasional playful leap into humour that have made her a favourite songwriter in Hollywood TV drama. It’s not lost love that... Continue Reading →

Violet and Mayhem

Coming Soon:  Violet & Mayhem ***** With a country-western traditional flair, this lovely new upcoming album featuring Rie is a sing-a-long swinger!  Classic Bakersfield Folk with the Hank Williams Sr. cover "I Can't Help It".  Mixing dates in July & currently scheduling shows up the California coast.  Also available for Art Openings.  For listening &... Continue Reading →

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