DTLA Art Walk || Music and Animation 1/9

Bedtime Stories || Oh Stargazer NEXT SHOWING!  Join us again for the  next showing & live performance of Oh Stargazer at Curio Los Angeles during the DTLA Art walk this January. CDs, lovely hand printed eco friendly totes, Stargazer posters & live performances during the evening! 6 - 10pm  •  Jan. 9, 2014 Oh Stargazer (Produced by Steve... Continue Reading →

Artwalk + Music Launch 11/9

Bedtime Stories || Oh Stargazer Join the pre-launch party at The Pop-Hop gallery November 9th during the NELA Art walk!  CDs, lovely hand printed eco friendly totes, posters & catch one of 2 live performances during the evening: 7:30 PM  •  9:00 PM Oh Stargazer is the first in a series of Electronica/Downtempo EP's I'm... Continue Reading →

New Single: DOLLS

DOLLS I Miss You Records  ||  Available 7/16/13 I collaborated with Justin Knox on Dolls (almost haphazardly) when he pulled up a riff he was working on while throwing ideas around.  We constructed this song a few times in different ways; had it mixed, remixed, re-cut… and in the final mix, dissected it just a... Continue Reading →

Safe And Sound

AMORE Ah.  Love.  Like a wildfire.  I ask as I watch a very suspicious spider crawl up & down my wall…  Love is like cake.  Many different batters, icings, tiers, or bits filling cups.  How strange.  And I don't quite mind the spider, I just hope she doesn't crawl into bed with me.  She's very... Continue Reading →

Twist My Heart Into A Puzzle

Freshly released! This Rendezvous Bandcamp  ||  iTunes Did video really kill the radio star?  Because cutting tracks for picture is fun!  The Young & Restless fans got a sweet dosage this afternoon - February 19 (oh, I do LOVE drama… and writing saucy electro-something ballads for TV).  All nostalgia, add loads of imagination & tone.... Continue Reading →

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